The 140 Character Conversation: Making the Most of Twitter

There are over 230 million active users on Twitter; 100 million of these users log in on a daily basis according to the latest data from social media examiner. Twitter is designed to be conversational, informational & engaging. For social marketing, it is King! No other platform allows us such consistent interaction with our audience. Twitter has been an incredible professional tool/resource for my business and has connected me with not only potential clients and industry leaders, but has provided powerful networking opportunities as well.

Social Marketing was a game changer in the way we connect with an audience.

Whether your goal is to gain more followers, generate leads or make valuable connections, here are a few tips to make the most of your 140 character conversations.

Know your audience.  What will Twitter be for you? Who are you trying to reach, potential clients, thoughts leaders in your industry, community members, etc.? Will you tweet as your own personal brand, solely for your company or both? Once you’ve determined your purpose for Twitter, you should follow & tweet accordingly.

Tweet consistently, not excessively!  The in-your-face marketing approach has not, does not & will not work. Tweet only when it is relevant and provides value to your audience. You should absolutely be logging in to Twitter on a daily basis and sharing updates, welcoming new followers and responding to questions, but excessive tweeting that offers no value will most likely result in unfollows.

Participate in Twitter Chats. This is hands down my favorite tool exclusive to Twitter. Twitter chats are specific hashtags (#) created for conversations on a certain topic. They are usually held once a week, at the same time. You simply log in to Twitter, search the hashtag you wish to participate in and tweet! These days, you can pretty much find a Twitter chat on just about any topic you can think of. They are tremendous for networking with like minds in your industry, promoting your brand, building followers and staying informed. A great way to become a “thought leader” in your industry is to host a chat. To learn more or to find a chat you may be interested in, visit or simply search a key word on google followed by “Twitter chat.”

Share the love.  It is important to retweet (RT) & @ mention users on a consistent basis. I actually recommend retweeting at least one person every day. In return, most will appreciate the sentiment and return the favor. Try to add a comment to an RT to show why you are sharing. Another must do is to always read follower’s profiles. You may find something in common that would make for a great conversation starter.  Voilà, connection made!

Keep it fresh.  Your news feed should be a nice mix of original articles (blogs), shared articles, photos, links, video, RT’s & @ mentions. Rule of thumb for all social marketing that I & many believe in following is the 80/20 Rule. 80% of the time should be devoted to engaging your audience, adding value & humanizing your brand. People connect with people. The other 20% can be used for self-promotion, current sales, real life, etc.

Provide Value. Provide value, provide value, provide value. Yes, it’s that important! Social marketing was a game changer in the way we connect with an audience. The consumer calls the shots and I can assure you, the hard sell is out. Your potential client wants to get to know you (and your brand), trust you & then decide when they are ready to do business. A great way to add value may be offering a free webinar,  tip of the day, exclusive Twitter promo just to name a few.  

By making the most of Twitter, you have essentially made yourself a better conversationalist. Virtual table for two please, cheers!

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  • Author: Angie Dunnigan
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