Social Fresh 2016: What You Need To Know

By: Angie Dunnigan

I am recently back from Social Fresh 2016, held in sunny Orlando, FL. This conference pulls together over 1000 social marketers from all over the US. As expected, this event was jammed full of incredible resources and information. I wanted to bring you the takeaways and highlights including data points, relevant platforms and what is coming next. Their wasn’t possibly any way that I could get all of this information into one blog post, but below are my key takeaways for small businesses. Read on to learn more.

Where do social networks stand?

(A poll conducted by Social Fresh)

*Facebook Dominated in every category.

- Facebook hit 1.7 billion MAU’s (Monthly Active Users). This platforms is MORE important now than ever due to its advanced ad platform. (1.46 billion last year.)

*Twitter growth stalled at 313 MAU’s (Monthly Active Users) – 303 last year.

*Instagram is becoming the 2nd most used platform for businesses.  No surprise here!

- Instagram hit 500 MAU’s this year.

Sally Hogshead- Fascinate


Creativity vs. Data- Use them together = GREAT CONTENT!

*Apply a creativity hack to every task at hand.

Brands, ask yourself:

How is our brand different?

What do we do best?

How can we over-deliver?

*Message first, media second.

“You don’t learn to be fascinating, you unlearn to be boring.” ~ Sally Hogshead

Facebook Live- Jennifer Watson, Weather Channel


We wrote about Facebook Live last month. Check out that post here.

Jennifer Watson provided great insight on this incredible new marketing tool by Facebook.

*Facebook Live provides unique and exclusive content that gives fans the ability to engage in a 2-way convo and allows you to go in-depth on a service or product through live video.

Facebook Live Best Practices:

-Make sure you have a solid internet connection.

-Tease your Facebook Live broadcast. Give a fun-fact, but don’t give it all away.

-Tell fans to ask questions which will be answered during the FB Live broadcast.

-Remind your audience to opt-in to receive live notifications. (Post an example image on how-to)

-Countdown Slate: Helps get the convo started.

-Preschedule/virtual waiting room for viewers.

The first 60-90 seconds are critical. Be sure to welcome viewers that are tuning in.

-Answer questions in the first 2-3 minutes.

-Post comments during the FB Live session to help drive the conversation.

-Don’t draw out the goodbye. This is also a good opportunity to tease your Facebook audience about your next FB Live session.

-Edit your FB Live post after the session ends.

-Facebook recommends 10-minutes for your FB Live session. (Your content/purpose will determine this.)

-Mornings and evenings tend to be the best times for FB Live sessions. (Industry specific)

-Invest in a phone tri-pod. (Approx. $10 on Amazon.) You don’t want a shaky video.)

The Benefits of Making Social Marketing Human First- Cory Vasquez


Can we be real people and organizations online so that we can have real relationships that translate to business?

Human-first content:

-Timely, not scripted




-quality, not quantity


Why Social Works


-Show sense of humor

-use everyday language (Not jargon though)

-acknowledge mistakes

-develop and use your unique voice

-engage conversation

How to Create Stopping Power in the Feed- Stay Minero, Twitter


“Attention is the new currency for brand advertising.” ~Jonah Goodhart

Twitter had 220X video growth in the past year. Video is moving from viewing to doing. Brands are inviting their viewers to get involved.

Create Stopping Power:

Front Load Creative

*The feed moves extremely fast. Consumers make decisions within seconds.

*Create visual intrigue

*Hook with action

*Pull people forward. Have people in your content within the first few frames. People are drawn to people.

*Have a sound-off strategy

*Use personality-driven creators

Social and Content Marketing Tactics- Sarah Evans


Platforms you likely need to be aware of:

Facebook/Facebook Live


Instagram/Instagram Stories


Why go Live:

*Share something spontaneous


*Create a regular-scheduled program

*Announce new blog posts

Note: 81% of people mute ads. Caption everything. Various software is available. (Telestream & otranscribe)

The Future of Video + Social- Jeremy Goldman, Firebrand Group


How Top Marketers are using video:




*Customer Loyalty

*Customer Service

85% of marketers have seen positive ROI from their video marketing efforts.

Facebook Live even more dominant than YouTube in regards to engagement.

Video as the sole basis for a platform doesn’t seem to be enough to sustain YouTube. The social context of videos on Facebook and SnapChat has led to those platform’s growth in 2016. Instagram stories has the potential to be massive!

68% of marketers are currently promoting their video content on social.

Making Your Content Marketing Relevant- Melanie Deziel


There is no such thing as good content. (It’s all in context)

Identify Their Power:

What does your brand actually have authority to speak on?

74% of consumers trust content within the brand’s scope.

Find the area of authority:


*role in consumer’s lives

*emotions provoked

Know Your People:

What is the target audience most interested in and what do we know about what they consume?

What questions do they have?

Who do they trust?

What are their content preferences? (Preferred formats, time of day, devices used.)

*Story determines format (Not the other way around)

Establishing Your Brand Voice in Social Media- Juntae Delane, USC

The 3 Tenets of Digital Branding:




Developing and Awesome Digital Voice:

*Character- Human Characteristics

*Purpose- Point of View

*Language- Body of words

*Tone- Order, Rhythm, Pace

Digital Brand Voice Action Plan:

*Objective- Be unique and transparent.

*Promise- How can you help?

*Personality- The soul of your brand.

Intentional Content Management- Jess Ostroff, Don’t Panic Management

Stop creating accidental content!

Goals Before Tactics: (Planning is sexy!)

Content Brief (Plan)






Creation Timeline:

1.Content Brief

2.Content Brief Finalized

3.Content Brief Draft Completed

4.Content Revisions

5.Implement Revisions

6.Teaser Promos/Testing

7.Rocket Launch- Promo begins

*This can be used for larger or smaller content launches. (Scale- Weeks vs. hours)




*Graphics Designers


*Project Managers

*Data Junkies

Keep in Mind:

*Goals First

*Planning is sexy

*Create efficiently

*Atomize everything- Make smaller pieces of content from larger content.

*Celebrate small wins

Again, this was just a small chunk of information that I received at Social Fresh. I am already planning and implementing new strategies for my clients as I type.

Video is HUGE right now and we anticipate this to continue into 2017. Find ways to incorporate video into your social marketing plan.

Feel free to comment on this post with any questions you may have or reach out to me directly at

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