Small Business Guide To Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Consulting with small business owners is something I do frequently and is a very rewarding part of my job. Helping businesses make their social footprint is what it’s all about and it’s why we do what we do. I find that a challenge that many small business owners face when getting started with social media marketing is simply knowing where to begin. The accounts are set up, the logos/graphic work are in place, now what? The good news is the hard part is over! Now you get to engage with and get to know your customers. Woohoo!   My team and I have created this infographic as a tool to help you navigate through the top social platforms & the all-important blogosphere.  It is extremely important to spend time each day in the virtual world being real, relevant & responsive. (Our three R’s of social marketing)

You are ready to rock social, cheers to your success!

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  • Author: Angie Dunnigan
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