Mastermind: Why You Should Be Involved In One

As an Entrepreneur, I recognize the benefits of Networking groups & getting your name “out there.” I have to tell you though, it wasn’t until I became part of a local Mastermind group that I really felt inspired to make positive changes in my business that ultimately allowed me to grow & expand my client base. Below are a few reasons why I feel so strongly about Mastermind groups.


Small Groups of Like-Minded Individuals Just Work Better

Many networking groups are fairly large & create more of a happy hour environment. You may talk to several business owners in a 2-hour period with the same old “How’s Business” questions. While this is fine, it doesn’t help you with the real nitty gritty concerns that many business owners face.

Mastermind groups are usually comprised of no more than 5 people. You are able to learn so much about each other’s businesses and brainstorm on ideas for one another. You are also able to share in successes & discuss challenges.  It just makes sense. The ideas that came out of my first Mastermind meeting were incredible. We’ve now been meeting once a month for over a year & I feel myself continuing to grow professionally as well as personally. Talk about making great connections!


A clear agenda is created for each Mastermind meeting. The agenda is followed & things GET DONE in the allotted time. I don’t know about you, but I am very busy & don’t find myself having a lot of time for ‘fluff.’ Our meetings usually run 2 hours & are once a month. This is just enough time for each of us to share our concerns, successes & set goals.

You Are Held Accountable

We all need an accountability buddy, right?! It’s no different in business. With a Mastermind, we set goals, and then we follow-up with those goals. We challenge & support one-another. As roadblocks come up, we talk about what adjustments can be made & the best ways to get to our desired end result.


Our Mastermind was started during a yoga session. What? Yes! A fellow entrepreneur approached me after a yoga class about starting a group. I loved the idea & from that point, we discussed who would be a good fit for us. We contacted those individuals & scheduled the first meeting. Now, here we are over a year later. It’s that easy & the results have been so impactful! If you are feeling stagnate in your networking groups, I really encourage you to branch out & get something started.


“The next best thing to being wise oneself, is to live in a circle of those who are.” ~ C.S. Lewis

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