Facebook Lead Generation Ads: A Marketing Must!

Facebook Lead Generation Ads: A Marketing Must!

Is lead generation on your radar? As a small business owner, it should be! Facebook launched lead generation ads in late 2015 to make it easy for mobile users to show their interest in a product or service – and even better, to give businesses an easy way to follow up with them.

Is lead generation on your radar? As a small business owner, it should be!

Basically, users click on your ad and are taken to a pre-populated contact form right on Facebook. Social Media Examiner notes, “the leads generated seem to be pretty warm and solid. Even when targeting high-end service professionals, results appear to be promising.” And according to HubSpot, “Attracting new leads using Facebook – leads that might eventually turn into paying customers – is one of the most intriguing reasons to use Facebook in your marketing.”

Of course, your success in lead generation ad – like any marketing strategy – depends on the effectiveness of your ads. Here are my top three recommendations for making the most of your lead gen efforts on Facebook:

Include a call to action (CTA). Facebook classifies this as optional, but a call to action is the best way to get your customers to click on your ad. Essentially, it should tell them what to do in an accurate, succinct way. Do you want to build a list of emails for an e-newsletter? Generate sales? Get people to sign up for a webinar?

Whatever your objective, you’ll likely find one of Facebook’s pre-determined CTA buttons to fit. These include Apply Now, Download, Get Quote, Learn More, Sign Up, and Subscribe.

HubSpot recommends periodically changing your CTA, noting: “…consider taking your marketing game a step further and switching up that button – and the web page it links to – to match your team’s and business’ goals and the campaigns you’re running at the time.”

Follow the design guidelines. The only way to ensure your ad looks good everywhere it appears on Facebook is to follow Facebook’s guidelines to a T. That means adhering to the recommended image size (1,200 x 628 pixels) and including little or no text in the image itself.

It also means watching your text length. Facebook allows up to 25 characters for headlines and 90 characters for body text. Remember, that’s characters, not words. You can also include a 30-character description for News Feeds.

Customize the contact form. Take advantage of the option to customize Facebook’s standard contact form questions and tailor them to your business. Facebook provides lots of question examples for you. Once people submit the form, you can download your leads directly from Facebook or even connect them to an e-newsletter program like MailChimp.

Have you tried Facebook’s lead generation ads yet? If so, I’d love to hear your results! If not, what’s stopping you?

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