Business Blogging Essentials: Start With the Basics

The reasons for blogging are simple. Blogs can help you attract more clients, increase web traffic, help categorize you as a thought leader in your industry, improve SEO & help you stay connected with your followers. For business owners, blogging can be used as a way to keep your customers informed and provides an outlet for consistent client communication & feedback. 

Companies with active blogs generate on average 97% more leads.

DID YOU KNOW? Companies with active blogs generate on average 97% more leads.-[Source: QuickSprout] That statistic is staggering, but one not to overlook. We’ve all heard how important it is to have an online marketing presence, but did you ever think to incorporate a blog as a part of that strategy? The value can be tremendous for your business. Below is a list of blogging basics to help get you started.   

Pick a platform

There are many different ways to publish a blog and several platforms to choose from. Many blogging sites are free, while others charge minimal fees to host. Some of the more popular blogging sites include WordPress, TypePad and Blogger (ran by Google) which is the leading blogging site in the U.S. with over 46 million unique visitors each month.  Most blogging sites are very user friendly and easy to navigate for first time bloggers.

Identify your audience

Who are you writing for? Your blog is not for selling a product or service, rather used for providing helpful tips and offering useful, fun & engaging information. Example: If you are a salon owner, write about styling techniques, latest trends, beauty tips & advice; NOT what you have on sale that week.

Keep it relevant

As mentioned earlier, blogs can be used to establish you and your brand as a thought leader in your industry. While it is important to mix up your content, don’t stray too far from your original vision. You must keep your content relevant or your audience will become confused. By keeping your content on topic, you are more likely to build a following based on the consistency and value of your posts.

Ask for guest bloggers

Guest bloggers are great for keeping your content fresh, but also a good way to expand your following base. Guest bloggers can be “featured” as a way to promote a specific article. Let your fans know in advance who your guest blogger will be to build anticipation. Guest bloggers can also be employees within your company. Some people are natural born writers, take advantage of these skills.

Keep your audience informed

Interact with your audience as often as you can. Keep them informed and involve them in your posts. Let your followers know about an upcoming article, how often you update, notice of a featured guest blogger or even conduct a poll that your fans can participate in. They are following your blog because they are interested in what you have to say. Don’t allow your blog to become one-sided with no interaction on your end. Tip: Always reply to a blog comment.  Fans have taken the time to engage with you; listen & respond!

Don’t take yourself so serious

Many individuals and brands become frustrated when it comes to blogging simply because they are overthinking the content. While your blog posts need to provide value & serve meaning, they should also remain light & entertaining. You are not writing a novel, simply an excerpt on a specific topic. Have fun with it & chillax people!

Incorporate images & video

It’s no secret, images & video use in social media are a must! This remains true when it comes to your blog. Make sure to use crisp, visually appealing photos throughout an article (where they make sense) & throw in video once in a while as well. Podcasts continue to gain steam in the social marketing world. Your blog is a great place to embed a podcast and build an even deeper connection with your fan base. Note: Be aware of image copyrights. Make sure you are purchasing your images from a photo bank or sourcing a photographer in the event of a free download. A photo bank we love here at aka is deposit photos. Check them out!

Share the love

It is imperative that you are sharing your blog articles to your various social media sites. This will not only help with your blog search results, but ensures that all your followers know when a new article has been published. Tip: At the end of each blog article, present a call to action. Example: Do you have other examples of Facebook posts that have resulted in increased engagement? Tell us about it with a comment below. By adding a simple call to action at the end of each blog, you are more likely to have increased exposure and generate leads.

Now you’re ready to get started. Cheers to blogging bliss!

Have a blogging question? Feel free to ask with a comment below. We will respond shortly.

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