5 Most Effective Types of Facebook Posts

By Missy Sheehan

With more and more businesses competing for our attention on Facebook every day, standing out from the crowd is the key to increasing engagement with fans. And businesses that post the most relevant and interesting content attract the most likes, comments, and shares. Not all types of posts are equal though; some are more effective than others when it comes to grabbing fans’ attention.

Read on for tips on using the five most effective types of Facebook posts.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Shares

According to data recently compiled from more than 30,000 business pages by the social media analytics company Socialbakers, photos reign supreme on Facebook. For pages with less than 100,000 fans, photo posts earned an average of 96 interactions—likes, shares or comments— compared to 93 interactions for videos, 34 for status updates and 33 for links.

Despite what the data shows, posting a photo doesn’t mean you’ll automatically increase fan engagement. Last year, Facebook raised its standards on distinguishing between high-quality, original content and content that’s been posted in numerous other places, like meme photos. That means only photos deemed high enough quality will show up in most newsfeeds. In light of this fact, when it comes to posting images on Facebook, use unique, high-quality photos for best results.

Say It With Video

A close second in the Socialbaker study, video posts are another effective way to garner attention from fans.

While photos give your fans a quick snapshot of what’s happening with your business, videos give you the chance to go a bit more in depth. Create a video showcasing your newest product or service, start a video series where you answer your customers’ top questions, or tell the story of how you started your business. The sky’s the limit on what you can do with video.

Creating videos to share with Facebook fans can be as easy as stringing together some photos to make a video slideshow or using your fancy smartphone to film a three-minute clip.

Start a Conversation

Status updates ranked third highest for engagement in the Socialbaker study. And there are plenty of options for framing an update.

One of the easiest ways to engage with Facebook fans through status updates is to simply strike up a conversation. Ask them a question, like “What products would you like us to carry?” or “What sounds better for tomorrow’s dessert special: blueberry cheesecake or strawberry pie?” Keep your questions simple, and the answers will follow.

Fill-in-the-blank statements (“My favorite coffee flavor is _____.”) and trivia posts (“Q: What year was our company founded?”) are also popular.

Or Join One

Taking a cue from Twitter, Facebook this year introduced trending topics that summarize some of the top news content of the day. When users click on trending topics, they see a feed containing posts from other users and pages about that same topic.

If topics relevant to your business are trending, take advantage by chiming in on the conversation. Share your expertise by contributing useful tips or advice or posting a link to a related article.

Using hashtags is another way to join a conversation. For example, when sharing this blog post, I’ll use hashtags like #socialmedia and #thinksocial so my post will show up on newsfeeds for those topics.

Share the Love

Cross-promoting with other pages—they mention your brand and you mention theirs—can help boost your page’s exposure. By getting mentioned on another brand’s page, your page could show up in any number of newsfeeds of Facebook users who haven’t yet liked your business.

Cross-promotions work best when the brands are somewhat related, though, so don’t go crazy mentioning every business in town. Building connections with other like-minded brands will earn you the most reach.

Now that you know how to use the five most engaging types of Facebook posts, you’re ready to start getting some attention! No matter which type of format you’re using, just remember to keep your posts relevant and interesting to keep your fans coming back for more.

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