4 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Social Media Pro

By Missy Sheehan

On an average day in the life of a business owner, the responsibilities requiring your attention can range from managing employees and communicating with customers to maintaining accounting records and planning and executing marketing strategies. Some days you probably wonder how you ever find the time to get it all done, right?

While sometimes it may seem easier and more financially feasible to handle everything yourself than to outsource some of those tasks, the savviest business owners know when to call for backup and seek help from a qualified professional to save themselves time, money, and headaches. They hire accountants to handle their business taxes and payroll, designers to create their business logos and websites, and general contractors to renovate their offices. They recognize the value they receive from handing off a task to someone better suited for the job.

If managing your business’s social media presence is one of those things you struggle with or would gladly pass to someone else, then maybe it’s time to think about getting help from a social media professional.

Still not convinced? Ask yourself whether any of the following situations apply to you:

1. You Need Expertise

As a business owner, you’re an expert in your field. But consider that you might not have the knowledge or skills it takes to plan and execute marketing strategies targeted to your specific audience or to write compelling content for each unique social platform. Twitter posts have length requirements and a format that are quite different from those of Facebook, for instance, and the demographics of who’s active on each network are an important consideration when you’re trying to grab your audience’s attention—and keep it.

There’s both a science and an art to implementing successful social media campaigns. An experienced social media pro knows not only how to craft clever and creative content, but how to interpret demographics and data like Facebook page likes, post reach, and engagement levels as well as how to use that data to develop the right strategies to meet your business goals.

2. You Don’t Have Time

Successful social media marketing also takes time. But between all their other daily tasks, many business owners simply don’t have enough time to write fresh, compelling social media posts on a regular basis, let alone time to respond to comments and answer customer questions.

By hiring a social media pro to handle those tasks for you, though, you can rest assured that your pages will get the attention they need. And you’ll be free to spend your valuable time on the tasks you’re best at and enjoy the most rather than scrambling to put together a clever post when you realize it’s been three weeks since your last one.

By hiring a social media pro, you can rest assured that your pages/platforms will get the attention they need.

3. You Want to Stay Ahead of the Game

Social media is constantly evolving. Every day we’re seeing new resources and tools emerge, and it can be hard to keep up when you’re a busy business owner. Social media pros, on the other hand, are immersed in that ever-changing world every day. They eat, sleep, and breathe social media, so they’re among the first to know about what’s trending.

Even if you are a fairly competent social media user and have had success managing your business’s social media pages to this point, hiring a pro can give you an edge when it comes to the latest and greatest ways to market your business on each platform.

4. You Need a Fresh Perspective

If you’ve exhausted your list of ideas for creative posts, leaving your social media pages feeling a bit stale, it might be time for a fresh perspective. A social media pro who’s experienced in developing memorable and meaningful content can breathe some life back into your business’s digital presence by recognizing any potential opportunities you may have overlooked.

Furthermore, according to Forbes contributor Drew Hendricks in an article last year, “as your business’s owner, the truth is that you may be too close to your brand to accurately reach out to your audience.” Indeed, it can be hard to separate yourself from your business when youspend many of your waking hours devoted to it. A social media pro, however, can think objectively about how to best represent your brand and develop a voice that can be used consistently across each social network.

Do any of these situations apply to you? If so, your business could benefit from hiring a social media pro!

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  • Author: Missy Sheehan
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